ADA Australia’s “Friendly Support Services” offer a range of support, information, advice and referral services for those:

Worried about their alcohol or drug use, or gambling, or family and relationship problems related to these and other addictive behaviours
Experiencing difficulties – family, financial or personal – due to substance misuse, dependency and other disorders
Or, living with anxiety, depression, thoughts of self-harm and other concerns around mental health
And, for those living with others (or affected by others) who may be experiencing these difficulties.

The ADA Friendly Support Services phone number 1800 232 287, operated 24/7 – any hour, any day – is manned by qualified and experienced support workers. This support is available to all ADA Australia clients: to company employees, contractors, casual staff, trainees, apprentices and others. It is also available free of charge to their families.


Our commitment is to always have the client’s health and wellbeing – and their needs – as our absolute priority. The interventions, referrals and assistance provided for drug, alcohol, depression, anxiety and mental health disorders are always governed by the caller’s situation and their needs.

Our aim is to be both familiar and trusted – like a “phone a friend” helpline – by those reaching for


It may be to provide:

  • Information and advice through the ‘Friendly Ear’ Helpline
    Friendly, calm and non-threatening: our Friendly Ear service for drug, alcohol and mental health disorders is always available (and we are always ready to listen)
  • Referrals (such as mental health assessment by a clinical psychologist)
  • Crisis and management support
    Being there’ to assist and support, to help the person clarify ‘next steps’, to encourage and support them on a journey to health and wellbeing
  • Family support
    ADA’s Friendly Support Services helpline is also a touchpoint for partners, families and others living with and impacted by addiction, mental health disorders, and other challenges.
  • Addiction and Mental Health recovery support
    On-going phone support and assistance in accessing clinical interventions (such as drug or alcohol detox and rehabilitation services, men’s behavioural change programs, trauma counselling, etc.)

ADA Australia is aligned with The Hader Clinic which provides specialist services in managing withdrawal and mental health disorders, a permanent clinical psychologist, plus established relationships with medical professionals (who are part of the assessment and intake process).


Anonymity Assured

Callers to the service can speak anonymously – they need not identify themselves nor place of work, company or organisation (but many are comfortable to provide a first name).

Confidentiality Assured

Anything discussed or disclosed is fully protected by the therapeutic relationship – our Operators are ethically, professionally and legally bound to respect confidentiality. Information will NEVER be shared without an individual’s full knowledge and consent. (The instances where an Operator is legally required to report/share information is when a person has threatened harm to themselves, harm to another, or in situations involving danger, abuse or potential risk to a child.)

For Crisis Calls

Our operators are trained to correctly manage the situation and to respond appropriately (and, if concerned for the caller’s immediate welfare, to take quick action to access emergency assistance through 000).


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