Drugs or alcohol factor in as many as one-in-ten workplace deaths and one-in-four reportable workplace accidents. The misuse of these substances is growing across Australian workplaces.

It is a serious work health and safety issue that is not going “to simply go away”.

Employers have a duty of care under the Australian Work Health and Safety Act (2011) to provide a workplace that is free from hazards associated with the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Committing to action through an ADA Australia Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Workshop can get the conversation going at your workplace and provide positive strategies for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees, co-workers and the community.

What We Offer

  • Highly engaging workshops conducted by ADA presenters with ‘lived experience’ of the personal and public risk of alcohol and drug dependence.
  • Education for increased awareness of the physiological and psychological impact of drugs and alcohol, how these substances impair work-performance and judgment, and the long and short-term damage to vital organs (and to financial security).
  • Develop positive preventative practices for a safer working environment
  • Education and awareness to promote better life choices (around drugs and alcohol) for better health and wellbeing.
  • Strategies for dealing with AOD issues on the worksite (with co-workers, customers or contractors), for fostering an open supportive workplace culture and for best-practice processes and policies to ensure the well-being and safety of affected individuals and co-workers.

We can be there – at your premises or ours. We can get the conversation you need going, and we can help.

Our Training

ADA Australia offers three Alcohol and Drug Awareness training workshops. Each is delivered by trainers with ‘lived experience’ and includes a range of delivery styles and interactive activities.

Support materials included:

A Handbook of Alcohol, Drugs and Workplace Risk

The little book of Workplace Mental Health

Both are provided to each participant.

1 Hour

  • This program is available by request for specific work environments
  • Content
  • 1. Communication of Company Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • 2. Overview of employee and employer obligations under the Policy
  • 3. Economic and social impact of substance misuse on Australian society
  • 4. Overview of commonly misused legal and illicit drugs
  • 5. How these substances impair work performance and judgment, and increase risk to affected individuals, as well as increasing risk to the health, safety and welfare of co-workers
  • 6. Health and wellbeing impacts of drugs, smoking and alcohol misuse
  • 7. Impairment and detection periods of commonly used substances
  • 8. Testing regime: Australian standards and cut-off levels
  • 9. What it means to present ‘fit for work’
  • 10. Fostering a supportive ‘speak up’ culture, getting help and advice

3 Hour

  • This training comprises the CORE PROGRAM with the following additional discussion points related to AOD and MENTAL HEALTH awareness
  • Content
  • 1. Role of work stress, anxiety and depression in incidence of substance-use disorders
  • 2. Enhanced risks for frontline workers – self-medication, risk-taking behaviours, dealing with trauma, signs and symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and mood disorders
  • 3. Smoking, binge-drinking, drug use, comorbidity with mental illness
  • 4. Depressive effects of alcohol; understanding its impact on chronic depression
  • 5. Self-reflection, understanding your own motivations and behaviours around AOD
  • 6. Genetic vulnerability to addictive behaviours, what this means for personal risk factors, and risk factors for family members
  • 7. Other addictive behaviours related to depression, anxiety and mood disorders (gambling, smoking, compulsive behaviours)
  • 8. Impact of ‘modelling’ around AOD-use on children and family members
  • 9. Importance of health checks, having relationship with GP (or health professional)
  • 10. Importance of ‘conversation’, setting up a buddy system, being aware of signs and symptoms, mental health referral and advice


$100per month
  • 5GB Feature one
  • 15 Feature two
  • 50 Feature three


$150per month
  • 5GB Feature one
  • 15 Feature two
  • 50 Feature three


Our fees and charges align with fees and charges for similar WHS training conducted by industry bodies and industry NGOs.


After all, a safer workplace is your insurance.

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